Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First things first

"Avoid disappointment and future regret"
-male voiceover in the commercial for the 2013 $50 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof
So basically, you can buy this coin or just try to be a decent person

I'm not really one for resolutions... Certainly not ones set on the first day of the year with the ultimate goal of making you feel sh!tty throughout the year, or as far into the year as you get with it. But I am all for resolving at regular intervals to do things to improve your life.  (See my post 'to Melv' for my real resolutions.)

Most people would look at the over indulgent food frenzy I have been on for the past few weeks and resolve to eat better. I sat down this morning to a finely crafted, homemade egg, thick cut bacon, and cheese sandwich on fresh rosemary bread and resolved to keep eating well!

Seeing as I've been so busy eating lately, my physical activity has slowed to a bit of a crawl... Well, not a crawl so much as a face down nap. A resolution-er may resolve to get moving now. But I know I can't sustain any regularly scheduled physical activity, so I had a dance party with myself, jumping around the living room for five straight minutes earlier today. I mean, I'm sure I'll opt to take the stairs a few times and I may even find my way to a gym, but I see no need to set specific goals that I know I will not maintain. Anxiety and guilt do not burn calories... if they did, older Jewish women would never complain about how they look.

We send out New Years cards every year. It's a lovely way to start the year fresh by wishing your close friends and family a very happy new year. It's also the last socially acceptable card to send if you can't possibly get your sh!t together in time for a Chanukah card, (that one's too all over the place... December 8 last year!!) or even in time for a more all encompassing Happy Holidays for the middle of December. No, we are New Years card people for a reason. Now, those folks who love a resolution may recommend that I actually attempt to get my sh!t together. Organize my life. Prepare. I would argue that in knowing I'm not going to get it done til the new year, I am showing a healthy amount of self awareness and therefore need slightly less preparation since I know the routine of getting it all done in a pinch. I'm not one for over-organizing and hyper planning. I get stuff done when it needs to be done, and once in a while I remember a birthday on time. For me to resolve to do a better job of that would require an overhaul of my daily activities and infringe on who I really am as a person. Lazy.

I am a tidyer (tidier?): one who tidies. I have my motivation for why I keep things as neat as I do (definitely not as neat as some, but neater than others). I realized the other day why I keep my kitchen counters clean. It's so I can always eat whatever food I spill onto it and not worry that some of the food was old, mixed in with the new. That makes me kind of gross, but it's an excuse for keeping clean, so not really that gross. I also clean for the cleaning lady. I don't know why I do it. Perhaps so she doesn't know exactly how gross I'm willing to let things get in the two weeks between her visits. But I typically have a frantic scramble around the house the night before she gets there, and I don't plan on changing that. Sorry resolution-aries!

So, to begin the new year, I am for the most part going to keep doing what I'm doing. The good stuff, anyway. And not dwell on the bad stuff too much. Stay focused when I need to be and enjoy myself always. Cause in the immortal words of coach T: Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.
Happy New Year!

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