Monday, January 8, 2024

Happy Holidays

I send "Happy New Years" cards to friends and family. I've done this for almost 15 years. I do this to wish my friends well with hopes for a happy new year. I also do this because I know I can never get my cards out by mid-December, when the "Happy Holidays" greeting is more appropriate. Knowing this about myself, I cover my ass and give myself to well into January when the "Happy New Year" greeting is still acceptable (minus Larry David), even if a bit well-worn. 

In the same vein of covering my ass, I also tend to say: "nice to see you" when I meet someone who looks vaguely familiar. It covers me in the event that we have, in fact, already met. This happened on several occasions, where I said: "nice to meet you" to someone who was only too happy to point out that we had already met. Shame me once, shame on me... 

But the way I say "nice to meet you" has to be kind and sincere, lest the other person think I am suggesting we have already met. It is merely a placeholder in case we have, not a direct assault on our prior knowledge of each other. It's similar to the difference between saying "you're welcome!" when someone has done something for you that you want to acknowledge and saying "you're welcome!"(2) when you think someone hasn't said thank you. People that say "you're welcome!"(2) suck. Don't be a "you're welcome!"(2) person.

So I do many things late, wrong or not at all. As a comic, it is hard to keep up a social media presence if constantly clipping and sharing your work is not your absolute priority. Jokes become no longer current or someone else gets a similar joke out first. It can be hard to keep up with every platform all the time. With that in mind, I am here, on my blog, sharing a video I made last week, but simply forgot to share here.

I make a Year In Review video each year for the past several years. I have fun making these videos... right up until the last day when I panic that I have to perfect it, share it and get it out in time for the new year. But once it is shared, I can relax and welcome in the new year. I relaxed prematurely and forgot to share here, a mistake I am correcting with this post.

In the interest of securing your forgiveness, I am including last year's video, in case you happened to miss that one. I think most people missed it... except Fall Out Boy. They definitely saw it. 😉

In addition, I am including a bonus video that I made with family, for family, and also you, loyal blog reader, cause you're also like family. After all, it was Christmas and at Christmas you tell the truth, and the truth is, I have neglected this blog for the past few years as I have started performing live, but that doesn't mean I don't still love you.

So Happy Holiday! Happy New Year! Nice to see you!


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Happy Holidays

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