Monday, January 10, 2022

Are you still watching?

Netflix loves a good algorithm. So if they have you watching one of their shows, they want to keep you for other shows. 

I am recommending they develop a new technology: the "sounds like" algorithm, a way to rebrand shows to appeal to fans of their other shows. 

For example, for fans of the show Cobra Kai, they will now offer:

Cobra Sty: Hoarders

Cobra Buy: Shark Tank

Cobra Pie: Great British Baking Show

Cobra High: Dopesick

Cobra High: Free Solo

Cobra High: High School Musical the Musical the Series

Cobra Chai: (pronounced like the Hebrew letter chai): Unorthodox

Cobra Chai: (pronounced like the tea beverage): all of their Bollywood titles

Cobra Eye: Queer Eye For the Straight Guy

Cobra Spy: The James Bond catalog

Cobra Thigh: Workout Classes

Cobra Nye: Bill Nye Science Guy

Cobra Fry: Supersize Me and The Founder

Cobra Why: The Footloose re-make from 2011 and the Overboard remake from 2018 (also could be called Cobra Unnecessary)

and something for the kids, because it's too easy: Cobra Caillou

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